WEA Northern Ireland

The WEA Northern Ireland is the leading voluntary sector provider of adult education in Northern Ireland, providing learning to over 3000 people per year. Its vision is of a prosperous, creative and cohesive society where everyone is a learner. Its mission is to make learning irresistible. It has three strategic aims: to enhance prosperity; to foster social cohesion; and to promote lifelong learning.

The WEA NI targets all adults over the age of 16 to encourage participation in education and training opportunities. We operate in community settings which help to encourage the participation of those adults who would not normally avail of opportunities offered through more institutionalised settings. Many of the WEA’s programmes are aimed at disadvantaged groups who are marginalised from learning due to income, location or poor previous educational experiences.

The WEA NI has its main office in Belfast, with offices also in Derry/Londonderry and Enniskillen. Currently there is a staff of 20. The WEA offer a range of programmes including a Men’s Health Programme, Creativity Thirst Programme, a Learning to Earning Programme, Learning in a Shared Society and the Learning Age Project (LAP) which is specifically aimed at learners aged 50 and over.

The Learning Age Project (LAP) specifically targets learners over the age of 50 who face isolation, particularly in rural areas, to those with low incomes and to the educationally disadvantaged. It aims to promote social inclusion and active ageing through involvement in educational opportunities.

WEA actively promotes the inclusion and participation of all adults and works with local communities in targeting those at risk of social exclusion, adults with disabilities and minority groups. LAP is currently involved with a number of day centres, sheltered housing associations and support groups. We have delivered training to organisations working with those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, dementia and adults with learning and other disabilities.

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