• To facilitate discussion and debate on active ageing among learners and partner organisations - what does it mean? How can it be achieved?
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practice in promoting and engaging older people in active ageing strategies.
  • To encourage critical reflection on current practices
  • The development of an internet platform to highlight the work and outputs of the partnership
  • The development of tools to promote good practice
  • The development of a GATE handbook with results and outputs of the project
  • To discuss innovative practices to engage the most vulnerable older people in active ageing activities at a community level
  • To increase knowledge of active ageing strategies and programmes in partner countries.
  • To examine and explore the role of education in active ageing strategies
  • To explore and examine the role of government, health bodies and other stakeholders in active ageing strategies and how they can work together collaboratively.
  • To encourage older peoples involvement in the ageing debate
  • To encourage and strengthen dialogue between the generations.
  • The development of a GATE framework for good practice in active ageing learning programmes
  • To foster intercultural learning and facilitate intercultural dialogue