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U.I.L. Pensionati del Trentino

Since few years, UIL pensionati Trentino is benchmarking its own experience with similar associations in other countries. It does so while remaining focused on all the typical issues affecting its associates such as health, income, assistance, etc..
This has allowed our association to get in touch with different modalities to manage the issues related to age in the field of health, assistance and foremost the management of free time.
The medical progress and the increased wealth are indeed generating longer life expectancy that, as effect, is increasing the amount of free time available in the post-retirement age.
Cultural exchanges, permanent education and inter-generational relationships are becoming important elements for people to grow older while remaining active. In addition, they allow a high degree of independency of the individual, who does not represent a cost for the public system.

UIL pensionati Trentino operates on a region located at the border (Trentino Alto Adige), with people of different cultures and languages such as: Italian, German and Ladino. This forces the association to continuously open up to new cultures.
In addition, there has been a change in the emigration flow in the last few years. Our territory has, indeed, moved from a place of emigration into a region of immigration. This has required even more the need to open up our work to new cultures with particular attention to regions such as North Africa, Romania, Ukraine, Albania, etc..

For this reason, the need to understand cultures is more than ever present in the life of older people, who are today more inclined as well to a wider cultural openness.
UIL pensionati Trentino counts today 2373 members and an average age of about 70. The most important activity of the association is personalized consultancy to their members with regards to the pension system and lobbying activity with the local public authorities to increase quality and offering of the public services rendered to the association members. UIL pensionati Trentino is also paying particular attention to the quality of life in relation with the external environmental health.

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