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Club Amici Salvatore Quasimodo

The association called “Club Amici Salvatore Quasimodo”, with headquarters in Via Umberto I Roccalumera – Torre Saracena, was established February 16, 2003, as a management entity of the places of Literary Park Salvatore Quasimodo of Roccalumera. It aims to promote the work of the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959, through constant cultural action that works through training (throughout life) through traditional systems, both through modern technological tools (websites, literary and cultural tours, e-learning, virtual museum etc..) and with the marketing of products related to Quasimodo, but also to its territory, or "The Incomparable Earth."

The Club has established an international organization; headquartered in Vienna at the Italian Cultural Institute in Austria (an organization of Italian Foreign Ministry) is open to accession by all who recognize the high-profile human, social and literary poet. The park literature dedicated to Salvatore Quasimodo rises in 1998, co-financed from Development SpA Italy, the Fondazione Nievo and the Italian Touring Club, under the Community Grant Global Literary Parks. " Club Friends of Salvatore Quasimodo, born of the experience of the International Civil Commitment incorporated in Messina, which has promoted the prestigious project promoted by, among others, by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. About 250 projects brought before the European Commission only 17 were subject to financing and the project "Quasimodo" occupies among them, proudly, the tenth position. The Association works with Universities, State and Private Schools, Local Authorities, as well as Provinces and International Organizations. The Association promotes events and social and cultural activities, especially directed at the most vulnerable and marginalized people of the area, addressed to the elderly, young and immigrants.

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