Grundtvig Learning Partnership
AGREEMENT NUMBER - 2012-1-GB2-GRU06-08455
Project Duration: 01 August 2012 and 31 July 2014

What is GATE?
GATE - Generations Ageing Together in Europe is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership which aims to encourage reflection on Active Ageing from an intergenerational perspective.
The project objectives are:
  • To facilitate discussion and debate on active ageing.
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practice in promoting active ageing strategies and engaging older people.
  • To encourage older peoples involvement in the ageing debate.
  • To encourage and strengthen dialogue between the generations.
  • To foster intercultural learning and facilitate intercultural dialogue.
  • To encourage critical reflection on current practices.
  • To discuss innovative practices to engage the most vulnerable older people in active ageing activities at a community level.
  • To increase knowledge of active ageing strategies and programmes in partner countries.
  • To examine and explore the role of education in active ageing strategies.
  • To explore and examine the role of government, health bodies and other stakeholders in active ageing strategies and how they can work together collaboratively.
The subjects to be addressed are:
  • Active Ageing.
  • Generational equality and respect across all generations.
  • Intergenerational solidarity.
  • Age friendly environments for all generations and what this actually means for communities.
  • Supporting lifelong learning in all partner region.
  • Support for those most vulnerable older people.
The approach to achieve these objectives:
  • Systematic and structured discussions in project meetings at European level and local level.
  • Active involvement of older learners and experts in the field of later life learning both in project meetings and local activities.
  • Internet based exchanges including Skype conference calls.
  • Engagement with key agencies dealing with older people and education.
  • Partner presentations on their own work and issues that concern them.
  • Multigenerational local workshops to include a range of younger and older people to generate discussion between the generations.
Target Groups:
  • Organisations involved in lifelong learning and work with older people.
  • Organisations involved in intergenerational activity.
  • Older people.
The Outcomes of the Project are:
  • The GATE guide with results and outputs of the partnership.
  • The GATE framework of good practice.
  • The GATE website to highlight the work and outputs of the partnership.