GATE-Belfast-2.JPGGATE 4th transnational meeting

Belfast, Northern Ireland

14th - 15th January 2014

The fourth meeting of the G.A.T.E. learning partnership took place in Belfast from 13th – 16th January 2014, hosted by the Workers’s Educational Association and attended by partners from Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Quimicos de la comunidad Valenciana Spain, , University of Leicester UK, Bia-net Austria, Club Amici Salvatore Quasimodo, Sicily and U.I.L. Pensionati del Trentino, Trento, Italy.
The main aim of the meeting was to further explore active ageing and to consolidate the sharing of information from the previous meetings and to forward the plans for the final outcomes of the project e.g. development of the G.A.T.E. guide.
The partners explored and developed their own G.A.T.E. definition of Active Ageing and agreed the content for the Guide. We further examined and agreed the criteria for what the partners feel is “Good Practice or Practice that works” and have developed a format to feed back local examples for the Guide. The WEA gave a presentation on collaborative working and the group explored how partnerships can enhance the development of active ageing activities. The partners also examined the role of various stakeholders and how they can be encouraged to develop partnerships for the future.
The meeting were treated to an impressive presentation from Vicki Titterington, Manager of Linking Generations N.I. – a body whose aim is to embed the idea of intergenerational learning across the remit of all government departments in a bid to aid a collaborative inter-governmental approach to some of the challenges that an ageing population presents. Their vision:
“Northern Ireland will be age – friendly. For LGNI, this means that age groups will not be segregated and ageism will not exist. All-age approaches will be commonplace at community, organisational and policy level.” The meeting ended by looking at the barriers and benefits of active ageing and how to engage the most vulnerable adults in active ageing.


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