GATE 3rd transnational meeting

Trento, Italy

17 June – 19 June 2013

The third international meeting of the GATE learning partnership took place in Trento Italy 16th – 20th June 2013. Hosted by U.I.L. Pensionati del Trentino, partners from Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Quimicos de la comunidad Valenciana, Spain, WEA Northern Ireland, University of Leicester UK, Bia-net Austria and Club Amici Salvatore Quasimodo, Sicily met to further discussions on learning for active ageing.
The main themes discussed were:
  • Adopting a life course perspective to active ageing.
    Intergenerational learning in active ageing.
    Good practice in learning for active ageing.

Partners exchanged knowledge and experience in promoting and engaging older people in active ageing and discussed how an intergenerational approach can promote active ageing for all generations. The results of desktop research on policies and practices relating to learning for active ageing in partner countries was presented.
Small group activities gave participants the opportunity to reflect on what is good practice and consider the effectiveness of innovative approaches to engage the most vulnerable older people in active ageing activities at a local level.


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