GATE-M2-Valencia.JPGGATE 2nd transnational meeting

Valencia, Spain

4 March - 5 March 2013

The second transnational meeting of the GATE project took place in the beautiful city of Valentia, Spain from 2nd to the 3rd March 2013. Hosted by Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Quimicos de la comunidad Valenciana Spain, project partners and learners from WEA NI, University of Leicester UK, Bia-net Austria, Club Amici Salvatore Quasimodo, Sicily and U.I.L. Pensionati del Trentino, Trento, Italy met in the historic setting of Building La Nau - Universitat de Valencia to discuss Active Ageing from an intergenerational perspective. Each partner had held local workshops to discuss the meaning of active ageing for learners from across the generations. The results of these were presented and discussed at the Valencia meeting. We were lucky enough to have learners present at the meeting and their input to discussions was very valuable. We asked learners of different age groups to reflect on the idea of active ageing and what this means for EU citizens. We aimed to raise awareness of the importance of active ageing to help ensure that older people are able to remain in the labour market for longer, to prevent social exclusion by encouraging participation in their communities and to help prevent dependency as people get older. Another key theme explored at the meeting was the life course perspective to ageing and the importance of working with different age groups to promote equity and understanding among the generations. Given that we all age within the context of family, friends, neighbours etc. active ageing must therefore be looked at from an intergenerational perspective. This project aims to embed the concept that the changing demographic and ageing of populations is an issue for all ages.
Other outcomes from the meeting included agreement on the GATE logo and leaflet, which can be downloaded from the webpage.


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