GATE 1st transnational meeting

Belfast, Northern Ireland

30th October – 30th October 2012

The first meeting of the GATE project was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 29th October – 1st November 2012. Participants from WEA NI, University of Leicester UK, Bia-net Austria and Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Quimicos de la comunidad Valenciana Spain met in the beautiful setting of Riddle Hall on Stranmillis Road Belfast. Discussions centred on the on the concept of Active Ageing from an intergenerational perspective and consideration of the role education can play in promoting and embedding the concept of active ageing as way away of meeting the challenges of ageing populations across Europe. The multigenerational aspect of active ageing is central to the project and a life course perspective will be at the forefront of discussions.
The project partners agreed to hold national workshops/local activities as a way of integrating the work of the partnership into the partner organisations local/core activities and as a way of embedding the intergenerational aspect of the project. Results from these activities will feed into the discussion at the transnational level.
Throughout the project the partners will aim to strengthen knowledge in the field of later life learning through the development, transfer and innovation of good practice.



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